The "guy" behind Presentation guy

Jole Simmons, Founder and CEO 

East Coast native Jole Simmons has always had an eye for design.

Always a doodler in class, Jole never realized that he'd be "doodling" for a living years later. After graduating from Hampton University, he started out working for newspapers and advertising agencies, honing his artistic, marketing and design software skills. Years later he found himself doing more and more Powerpoint and Keynote presentations, and started being labeled as a Presentation Specialist. He started doing presentations for large companies and went on to work for Facebook, doing Keynote decks for the Communications department, then went on to work for Duarte Design, the premier agency specializing in presentations. He's since worked on decks for Skype, Microsoft, Apple, Google, YouTube, Salesforce, Symantec, Spotify and many others. Jole lives in San Francisco, has a lovely wife and a beautiful baby daughter.