Advanced Powerpoint Tips and Tricks - Importing Editable Vector Artwork Into Powerpoint for Mac

Okay, this is for the PPT Nerds (like me) out there. If you're reading this, you probably know that it's almost impossible to import vector artwork from programs like Illustrator into Powerpoint for Mac. You also know that it's pretty simple if you're on Powerpoint for PC, you can just export an .emf file, ungroup a few times, delete the extraneous boxes and BOOM, editable vector.

I recently found a workaround that works pretty good so far:

  1. Save your .ai file as an .svg file. 
  2. Using OpenOffice, a free program that can be downloaded here, you then import the .svg into a blank presentation.
  3. Once imported, break it apart. (right click, and "Break")
  4. Export it as a ppt file from OpenOffice
  5. Open the new PPT in Powerpoint, and your vector icon is there, all editable and ready to pop into your deck!

Let me know if this helps you!