Tips and Tricks: Extracting files from a Powerpoint

I work with Powerpoint all the time, but every now and then, something comes up that totally stumps me. Earlier today, I needed to take some movie and image files from a Powerpoint deck and put them into a Keynote. Unfortunately just copying the image files didn't work because they don't copy over at the same resolution. And there's no way to copy, drag, or save the movie files out as standalone files and insert them into the Keynote. do you do it? It's super easy! 

  1. First, make a copy of your original PPT
  2. Change the extension of that file to ".zip" 
  3. Open the file

Now you have a FOLDER with all of the elements separated into folders! So every image, movie and other media is now there for you to do whatever you need. This also works for Keynote files too! This is an extremely easy way to extract all of your files quickly. Cool!